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The Best Features You'll Find on Saltwater Center Console Boats in 2023

Your boat should perform and excel in every way that matters. Saltwater boats should be powerful and luxurious, and even legacy products should advance with the times. When you head to the dock and prepare for a day of cruising on the open water, your boat should be ready to meet your needs.
With that being said, you should expect the following features from new boats this year:

Saltwater Boats Should Have Plenty of Storage

While saltwater center console boats have a well-deserved reputation for their speed and agility, practically being sports cars on the water, they should be more practical than a cramped Ferrari with minimal trunk space (if any at all).
Modern designs should take into consideration the fact that occupants will want to bring along their belongings, so there should be plenty of compartments not just for personal effects such as wallets, keys, and phones but also for snacks and meals, as well as fishing paraphernalia (rod holders) and the fish themselves (live wells and bait boxes).
It’s not enough to just have the storage space, though. Your saltwater boat’s storage areas should be waterproofed and as well-finished as the exterior of the vessel. Even the center console itself should be more than just a mount for the controls and screens. A properly sized console can be a great area for storage, and it allows that area to be centrally located for better weight distribution.

Stern Seating Is a Must These Days

A safe place to sit while cruising, especially at higher speeds, is at the stern. Even with powerful engines in place, well-designed saltwater center console boats should at least have the option of stern seating, perhaps with a flip-up bench if space is at a premium. Not only is it a safer place to ride, but having more seating available means more people get to come out and enjoy a day on the water!

Expect Rust, Wear, and Corrosion Resistance

While you should take care of your boat with proper cleaning and storage, the materials used to these ends shouldn’t contribute to an early demise. By using stainless steel for hardware, properly insulating electronics, designing hulls that drain properly, and employing modern coatings for the fiberglass, boat builders can make vessels that stand up to the abuse that bodies of saltwater provide. Saltwater center console boats should be investments that last, and they can when they are built properly.

Get Plenty of Horsepower

Having 400, 500, 600 horsepower, or more is fun, yes, but power is about more than just generating impromptu fist pumps as the throttle is mashed. With more power usually comes multiple motors, which means you have redundancy if one breaks down. With that extra power also comes the ability to get to and from fishing spots quicker, so if you have to chase a catch or just get to where the fish are in a limited amount of time, you can do so.

Shop Modern Boats

Times and technology have changed. Even though there are plenty of classic powerboats that have dominated the water for more than 40 years, there are always improvements that can be made. After all, if a base Mustang GT can crush a 40-year-old Lamborghini or Ferrari around a track, shouldn’t boats have made the same progress?

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