Thu, Sep 15, 2022 at 9:00AM

5 Reasons Why You'll Obsess over Your New Center Console Boat

Let’s face it: fast center console boats tend to grab your attention and not let go. That’s not just because speed and power are thrilling. 

When you’re inshore fishing or just going for a cruise, a sizable power reserve is comforting and a safety feature, especially when a squall darkens the horizon and you realize you should get back into the harbor soon. 

There are at least five traits center console boats have that make them addictive.

1.      Well-Built, Fast Center Console Boats

Speed and power are first, and that’s as it should be. And while the top center console boats are fast, they’re also well built. It’s one thing to be able to brag about top speeds and cruising ability, but not if that speed turn will shake the boat to pieces. You need a reliable hull that’s been expertly constructed by well-seasoned artisans. Additionally, a top-quality boat will have a great hull warranty (at least 10 years). 

2.   Legacy

A great reason to obsess over your new center console boat is that it has pedigree. There’s nothing quite like owning a machine that has heritage, especially if there’s ever been racing in its bloodline. Racing develops strengths and innovations quickly, so if your center console boat has descended through a long line of racing-bred innovations, it not only has pedigree, it has the goods to back that up on the water.

3.   Customization

A great boat manufacturer is going to allow customization. After all, you want to make it your own, and that means picking colors, materials, layouts, power units, and more. Why take the off-the-peg model when you can have what you really want?

4.   Usability

The mark of a boat you can obsess over shines through in the quality of its design. Is it functional? You can tell the moment your foot hits the deck whether a center console boat’s beauty is more than skin deep. The quality and look of the materials, craftsmanship, and functionality — it’s how everything comes together to produce a machine that is 100% inspiring.

5.   Versatility

Even if some people settle for hyper-focused machines that can only do one thing, you don’t have to join them. Sure, you love inshore fishing as much as anyone; it’s why you’re shopping for top center console boats. 

But what if you just want to take a leisurely cruise around the inlet, tour the bay at sunrise, or take a quick pleasure cruise for an afternoon? The best boats do all these things well, whether you’re slaying fish or enjoying being on the water in comfort with your family.

What Do You Really Want in Your New Boat?

If you think you have to compromise, think again. You really can have it all in a new center console boat. All you have to do is find one you can obsess over! When you find top quality, heritage, customization, usability, and versatility in one package, that’s the one you’ve been searching for.

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