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As the Seasons Change: 7 Fish Species to Reel in Aboard the Best Fishing Boats from Fall to Winter

You might be used to fishing in warm, summer weather, the breeze blowing through your hair as you speed through the waves with all the power that the best quality power boats offer, a full tackle box, and your trusty rod and reel. 

But when winter comes, you might think fishing means “drilling through the ice in the frozen north.” Don’t worry; you can stick to the boat even when the weather turns cold. Here are some fish to target in fall and winter.

Fall Fish

Let’s start with fall because the temps will be more favorable for you, the angler. You might even be able to get away with short sleeves.

1.      Bass

Yes, not only can you fish for bass outside of the summer months, but in many cases, it’s easier to catch them in the fall! As the deeper waters get colder and colder, the bass will start coming to shallower areas with warmer temps. They also will be looking for baitfish. This is your chance to catch them.

2.  Trout

Here’s a fish that only gets more energetic the colder it gets. They don’t eat much during summer, so they will be hungry. Look for trout to collect in deep pools and coves and travel along rivers or streams.

3.   Catfish

Stick to live bait and head for sandy lakes and rocky shores. They’ll be deep, but they’ll be ravenous. Don’t even try to noodle; stick to a weighted line.

4.   Salmon

Fall is spawning time for salmon, so they’ll be swimming upstream. Catching salmon at this time isn’t quite like shooting fish in a barrel, but it’s the next best thing.

Winter Fish

Here are some fish that are active even in winter. If your longitude is less favorable, you might have to head to more open water to avoid ice.

1.      Northern Pike

These fish are known for being ready and willing to bite a line when the water gets frigid. They like minnows best. Northern pike are plentiful, so if you miss one, don’t worry; there’s another one close by.

2.   Bluegill

These curious fish are still quite active in winter. While this means they may be willing to bite, they’re also ready to fight. Be prepared for a workout to reel one in.

3.   Walleye

If you live in the midwest, you know that walleye are everywhere and are ready to be caught during the winter months. Known for being aggressive when feeding, they only get more so as temps drop.

Catching Fish from the Best Quality Power Boats

While you can catch some of these fish from the shore or through the ice, the most fun is casting a line from the best fishing boats. You’ll have access to all of your storage, food and beverages, and the head, plus you’ll be able to head to different waters whenever you want to. 

Even when the weather turns chilly in the fall and winter, you can still get plenty of good angling done.

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