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Discover Top Innovative Features of Carrera's Modern Fiberglass Boats

Powerboats are cool. They’re fast, thrilling, and dominate the water like no other water-based conveyance. Carrera Powerboats are even cooler because they believe that innovation is the key to ensuring that the powerboat formula never gets stale. 

Yes, the new Carreras are completely deserving of the Carrera name with the same incredible attention to detail and hand-laminated construction. But they’re not just recreating the past. They’re pushing forward.

Do you want the best fiberglass boats for fishing, cruising, waterskiing, and basically any other recreational activity a body of water could offer? You want a Carrera Powerboat. Here’s why.

They’re the Next Evolution of Fiberglass Boats

Wood might look luxurious and evoke vintage watercraft, but you know what wood isn’t so good for? Being in and around water. Carrera’s no-wood construction features an entire fiberglass design for minimal maintenance and maximum longevity. 

Plenty of powerboats use fiberglass in their construction, so you might think this isn’t a special property of Carrera boats. However, Carrera’s Flex Coat Gel gives their powerboats an exceptionally strong hull that resists cracking. That way, you get a fiberglass boat that feels like it’s been hewn from solid granite (but lighter).

Rear Illuminated Panels

This may sound like a small detail, but if you want a boat that will last, you need a boat builder that pays attention to the finer points. The switch panel is backlit with LEDs embedded in a single molded piece for a luxurious yet practical appearance. Cable management matters because every wire is routed properly and held in place to ensure that it stays put and that it’s easy to locate and replace. 

As for the switches themselves, you don’t know opulence until you’ve depressed a polished, solid aluminum plunger to accomplish a simple task like turning on bilge lights.

High Top Speed

Do you want to go 66 mph on the water? You can do it in a Carrera Powerboat. Speed itself isn’t an innovation per se, but you have to have modern innovations to achieve a reliable high speed without hurting your boat.

Puller Coolers Under the Seats

Under the seats is a built-in puller cooler with secure push button latching. When you head out on the waves, you’ll need usable and convenient storage like this because the food and drinks you bring need to stay somewhere safe. 

There are also live wells for your catch, so don’t think your cans and bottles need to share space with your fresh fish. Or, if you don’t want live wells, why not go with a wraparound rear seat? They’re perfect for relaxing when you’re not speeding along the waves. Remember, Carrera Powerboats can be made how you want.

Everything Is Finished and Easy to Access

Innovation doesn't mean crazy space-age tech, but rather every need and desire has been anticipated. Carrera Powerboats are made from stem to stern with the customer’s wants in mind. Every access hatch is beautifully lit and easy to find. Is there a part that needs maintenance? You can bet it’s simple to find and service. That’s the Carrera way.

Carrera Powerboats Are Back

And they’re back for good. There are simply no other powerboats on the market that combine quality and features the way Carrera does. They’re optioned and built especially for each customer, and there isn’t a more capable fiberglass boat on the market.

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